A Window into History

„Black lives matter“ – und das nicht erst seit vergangenem Jahr! Foto: Library of Congress.

Five posters. Four time periods and authors. One message. Displayed in room A221, these posters hope to act as an access and entry point into some of the major eras and authors that shaped African American History in the United States. Why the need for these posters? Don’t we talk enough about Black History already? 
No. No we don’t. We need to eviscerate the idea that slavery and racial injustice in the US ended with the Civil War. For decades after, Blacks faced (and often still face) both social and political discrimination. To overcome these obstacles, African Americans needed more than just political movements and protests. They needed to capture the minds and hearts of Blacks and whites alike. They needed storytellers – people who could inspire and convince. Seemingly powerless, literature played a major role in the 300- year fight to attain equal rights. Room A221 is dedicated, not only to the geniuses who devoted their lives to the advancement of their people, but also to the oftentimes-overlooked time periods they lived in.
Take a look. Room A221. 

Lydell Dyer